Architecture. Interior Design. 3D Rendering.




Initially I need a short description of the project as well as photographs, detailed plans, sections, elevations, sketches and 3D models. I will also need to know the number of desired images and the expected delivery time. If you have your own 3D model, please send it to me and I will carry out the necessary checks in order to see if it is useful. It is not necessary that the project is well defined and completed for making an offer.



Once you have accepted the quotation I proceed to start the project. The first technical step of the 3D process is modelling the whole geometry of your subject. I use the architectural drawings as a guide to create the 3D model. Throughout the modelling process, images of the progress will be sent to confirm that everything is correct. These initial test renders will be black and white images without materials or colours applied. The sole purpose of these initial test renders is to allow you to identify design issues or modelling errors and provide approval of the 3D model.



Once it is confirmed that the model is correct, I set up multiple viewpoints for you to choose from. For this phase I will generate a large number of low-resolution images so that you can choose which points of view fit better to your needs.



Once the points of view are approved I will proceed to apply the materials and lighting to the scene and create the desired atmosphere for the images.



After materials and lighting have been applied, I proceed to make the render of the images in low resolution. I know that the renders are a quick way to make decisions, therefore the previews are included in the process so that you can make comments and propose additional changes.



Once materials and lighting have been approved, I proceed to the image rendering in high resolution and some post-production adjustments. The final images will be sent to you so that you can give your agreement or make your comments. Once the final image has been accepted, I send you the final images in high resolution and without watermarks.



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