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Bedroom, 3D Rendering, Panagiotis Zakkas, Architect -
Bedroom, Floor Plan, Panagiotis Zakkas, Architect -

In this interior design proposal, the main difference to the initial bedroom layout is the queen bed facing towards the wardrobe and not towards the entrance. This makes for a better use of the available space, taking advantage of the wall opposite the wardrobe, while creating a more spacious entrance to the room. This change in the position of the bed helps in giving every corner of the room an equal importance. The existing window is now placed at the side of the bed instead of its back, thus consisting a core element of the composition.

The selected furniture all have white and neutral colours as well as simple forms. Instead of making use of the existing bookcase, I have opted for a new one, which matches best with the selected side tables, dresser and chest of drawer. A cornice has also been added to the ceiling. All walls apart from the ceiling are painted a light green colour which, combined with white furniture, brings a sense of tranquility to the space throughout the day.


Architectural Design: Panagiotis Zakkas, Architect

Project Year: 2015


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